When A Woman's Fed Up! By Alger James III

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Ashanti Monique Jackson, Shanti, is a young woman who is determined to be successful by any means. Her mother, Michelle Jackson, is a Psychiatrist and her father, Elijah Jackson, is a Neurosurgeon. Although her parents are wealthy they wanted Shanti to understand the concept of hard work paying off. Rather than send their daughter to a private school they decided to keep her in a overcrowded public school. Shanti has no problem excelling in her senior year as she maintains a 4.7 GPA. She becomes humble learning the different backgrounds of the students in her school, especially her three girlfriends, Brittney (Bri), Whitney (Whit), and Kendra. They are seniors as well. Shanti and her friends discover they all have one goal and that is to be successful. During the start of her senior year she becomes distracted by her lover, Lance Wilson, the most gorgeous man to surface the earth. Lance has transferred to the Richmond, VA area with his mom. Shanti and Lance were perfect for each other. They graduated and ended up having their most precious gift, their daughter, Amiya Lashae Wilson. As time quickly passes them by, so does their happy relationship. Shanti starts to realize that Lance was never the man she thought he was. Dealing with stress, Lances infidelity, drug addiction, and more; Shanti tries to juggle life as a mother and a destructive, abusive relationship. As the story unfolds, Shanti has had enough of all the headache and pain and feels there is time for a change. Can her relationship be repairable or has she had enough? There is no telling WHEN A WOMAN'S FED UP!

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