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Through Hindsight-Hardcover by L.J. Harris

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Erika continues to be surprised as she is sucker-punched with another surprising situation that begins another chapter in her life. She has suffered yet another life-altering episode in her little world that are difficult for her ignore. As she struggles to regain some semblance of her once happy life, she encounters changes she hadn’t counted on. One is a doctor who provides professional care, comfort, and a pleasant surprise. The other is an irritant that is a constant reminder of all that she has lost.

Aaron, Lydia’s Ex has returned to Maryland for an extended visit with a more mature Jackson in tow. As she begins to reacquaint herself with the men in her life, her son makes an interesting observation that proves to be just what Aunt Erika needs to bring some much needed closure to painful event in her life.

Gynecologist and Pediatrician, Dr. Eli is successful and dedicated professional. He has treated Erika, and over time finds his way into her orbit through her children. He’s fun, engaging and seems to be “an avid, in her corner admirer”–just what the Doctor ordered.

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