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The Life That Created My Own Sound by Wesley Watkins

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Have your past decisions created a world where you no longer want to live? Have you run from the difficult situations in your life to the point where you now simply let life happen to you? Ready for a fresh start? Need to hit the restart button on your life? That’s where the author found himself: Looking up from rock bottom with a bottle in his hand. He was gifted, but low self-esteem brought on by negative self-talk kept him from all that God had in store for him. But today he is living the life God purposed for him. A musician who has reclaimed his passion for his musical gift, for life in general, but most importantly, for His God. What changed? Your answer is within the pages of this book. God has designed an abundant life just for you; He has a specific path and purpose with your name on it, where you will not only receive the blessing, but you will also affect the lives of those around you. So open this book and prepare your heart; your new life awaits.

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