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She Rose: From Rejection to Resilience by ReCe Wilson

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In this amazing memoir, you will go on a journey that can rival any of your favorite childhood fairy-tales. Have you ever read or watched Cinderella and noticed how many oppositions she had in her life; all the issues she had to overcome? Just like Cinderella we all walk in different shoes navigating through all the storms of life rising from rejection to REsilienCE. The difference here, this is not a fairy-tale. ReCe Wilson’s rise from rejection to REsilienCE shows you how to not just survive but to OVERCOME. She gives you the tools to RENEW your mind, REBIRTH your purpose, REDEEM your life, and REVEAL the secrets that were meant to destroy by wearing all the shoes that were meant to break her. That is why…In the end, SHE ROSE!

Doretha Wilson is known as “Coach ReCe”. She is an empowerment and confidence life coach. She is an author, business owner, podcast host, and mother. Although well-traveled due to hard-earned and numerous Awards and Incentive Trips, she is a true native to Washington, DC. ReCe was quick to establish herself as a self-starter and leader, through 26 years of diligent service in Direct Sales and Multi-level Marketing. This experiences has grounded her in her commitment to giving back and helping others achieve their greatest potential. She has established “The Bloom Book Project” to help aspiring authors to share their stories in an anthology named “InHERcure.” ReCe has hosted numerous events/conferences. She can be booked as a Speaker or Emcee for your event.

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