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Project Whores (Hardcover) by AE Thomas

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Some people choose to work very far from where they live. There can be many reasons one would make such a choice.

In the case of Kyle Brewster, he has worked overseas most of his adult life and would not trade it for the world. Kyle discovered early on that the pros to being thousands of miles away from home for months at a time far outweigh the cons and this way of life definitely has its advantages: The work is good, the money is unbelievable, and the women are plenteous.
Currently, he is employed as a civilian contractor on Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan. His mission here is to make his money and enjoy his freedom. Kyle is married with children but working on a project like this allows him to easily play the whore, a role that suits him well.

One day, he meets Rejoice Battle in the PX and decides she will be his new conquest. Kyle’s first tryst with her goes horribly right and in the days that follow, he finds himself entangled with Rejoice in a way that traps him in his affair with her. The consequences of this supposed one night stand follow him home and Kyle discovers that the distance he always relied on for safety, was vanity and that nothing can protect your heart from love.
Project Whores is A E Thomas’ new novella series which takes readers on a spiritual journey that explores the love, mercy, and judgment of God in the lives of people who do not know Him and people who know Him well.

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