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One Tear at a Time by Andrea Reid

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One out of eighty-eight children is being diagnosed with autism. It’s a diagnosis that has the potential to turn one’s life upside down. This book shares the life of a mother who lives her daily life holding on to hope for her autistic twin sons. As she cares for her sons, she strives to break down the barriers and survive through obstacles of all kind. She is a mother who leans strongly on faith but has faced her share of dead ends and disappointments. She believes that persistence and determination can bring about a change so she never gives up, even when it seemed that all is lost. Her life is filled with autism, which comes with one tear at a time. With life trials and tribulations, she prepared to give up and throw in the towel. She wondered if it was worth it. When society displayed doubt and offered little support, she had to reach deep within herself for strength to carry on. She’s a mom of autistic twins whose hands are definitely full, but if you think her hands are full, you should see her heart.

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