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Omega: Project Whores Book 4 By A E Thomas

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Derek Carmichael is doing his best to move on since the death of his ex-wife, Rejoice Battle. But ex-wife is just a figure of speech because for them, divorce never meant the end of their relationship. If anything, that piece of paper seemed to intensify their feelings for one another.

Rejoice was a nationally known bible teacher extraordinaire, but in recent years had reinvented herself by doing government contract work overseas, thus making herself scarce in the U.S. It’s been two years since her passing, and he has taken pains to preserve her reputation and make sure their daughters are well taken care of. Things appear to be getting on track with his oldest engaged to be married and his youngest on the dean’s list at college. But just as Derek begins to think he can breathe easy for a moment; a string of events proves him wrong. Though she is gone, Rejoice’s past is still very much alive and frankly, some things just need to be put to rest.

Derek embarks on a quest for information and what he discovers may give new meaning to the phrase, the truth hurts. Concerned about his daughters’ future, he retraces Rejoice’s final steps in an effort to know what, or even more importantly, who she was into before she died…

Omega: Project Whores Book 4, is the final installment in A E Thomas’ avant-garde novella series which takes readers on a spiritual journey that explores the love, mercy, and judgment of God in the lives of people who do not know Him and people who know Him well.

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