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InHerCure No matter what Your situation Is, the cure is Living on the inside of you by Rece Wilson

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InHERcure – Recognize the cure to your healing is on the inside of you. The women in this astonishing anthology dealt with multiple situations in life. The underline common factor for all was their personal insecurities. No matter if it was a loss of a loved one, the fear of what others thought of them, or simply not feeling they were good enough. The nagging negative self-talk and thoughts overwhelming them causing them to have unnecessary stress.

These courageous women will reveal their vulnerabilities and shame as they walk you through the cure to the insecurities that were inside of them.

Written by Keianna Johnson, Jereese Johnson, Veronica Patterson, Lisa Edwards, Lynn Willett, Takhkina Sellers, and Jimmie’ M. Morgan

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