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Destiny by Ramona Mejia

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Two Lives, Two Worlds, One Love… The Superstar. What’s a girl to do when she finally meets her knight in shining armor and he’s a born-again Christian? How can they have a romantic moment when he’s more interested in attending Bible study? How can she possibly compete with the God of all creation? This celebrity is falling head over designer heels for a regular guy who has traditional values and refuses to compromise (and she thought waiting to find out if she’d been nominated for a Video Music Award was tough!). The Average Joe. What’s a guy to do when he falls for one of People magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful celebs and he happens to be a Christian? How does he ignore the fact that she’s more attracted to the things of the world than the fruit of the Spirit? How does he “just say no” when she wants to get physical? This average guy’s about to discover that sometimes when it comes to matters of the heart (and flesh), staying on the straight and narrow path can be easier said than done.

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