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Daddy’s Suit by Benjamin Osborne

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And when I’m in it… Look at all the cool things I can do!

In a story that is both creative and colorful, a little boy expresses what he thinks, not only of his daddy but also of his daddy’s suit and what he could do if he wore it. The author, Benjamin Osborne, uses rhythmic rhyme to showcase the imagination and ideas contained inside the mind of a child who has a genuine admiration for his dad and sees his daddy’s suit as part of who he is. With vivid and humorous illustrations, this is a book that parents will enjoy reading to their children again and again. Daddy’s Suit is a great gift for any occasion, but an especially fantastic idea for Father’s Day, birthdays, and baby showers. It provides a message of love, imagination, and joy; it is the perfect book to add to your collection of children’s books.

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