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Authentic Transparency by Shatoria Christian

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The chains I carried of judgement, lies, and rejection were some of the hardest experiences I had to face. The process and growth overtime appeared as I allowed myself to be seen in my true identity. None of it was in color, but black and white. It allowed me to see me for who I was becoming, who I am, and what I was leaving behind. Working to gain the best part of me required that I withstand in a time where there was no strength or will power. My journey into learning my identity and embracing the truth of my character wasn’t a peaceful walk. During this journey, I will uncover the struggles of my life, which is the real side of myself. The combat to be comfortable in expressing my walk that allowed me to lift my head up high, face what society felt like was success, and deal with my battle of forgiveness which held me back from moving forward.

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