Journeying Through COVID: A 14-Day Survivor’s Devotional and Journal by Rashad Roberts

Journeying through covid: Healed, Whole, and Worthy, is a 14-day devotional and journal book. This Journal book is an expedition of public health, serving the whole person in body, mind, and spirit. It awakens the senses and provides a guide for an individual to engage in their own personal work, by elevating one’s thoughts, in the face of adversity.

From the insights of professionals, preventative measures provide the reader ways to safeguard their physical and mental health. A list of common symptoms along with over-the-counter remedies are available to prevent covid, but also aid anyone that may fall ill.

The devotions offer hope and the expectation of better days; along with prayers and the personal testimony of the author and others who made it through. While news outlets tend to lean toward sharing the stories of those loss, this work, speaks to one’s ability to survive and thrive.




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