31 Days of Morgan by Tracy Morgan

Are you tired of the same old books on marriage…those books that give you 12 steps to being the most amazing spouse ever in life, seven ways to a blissful, masterfully perfect marriage, and tons of words you can’t pronounce and need a dictionary to understand? If you are, you’re holding the right book. Welcome to a very unorthodox, practically-written book about marriage–complete with flaws, real-life experiences and tons of laughs. Tracy Morgan has dared to give her readers a glimpse into her more than three decades of marriage. She has chronicled her stories in 31 hilariously funny, random accounts. Following each account, she provides a sticky statement. These sticky statements may need a shot of liquor or an extra tall glass of lemonade to help the medicine go down, but once taken, they will help you to not only sustain your partnership, but also to enhance your marriage and your role within it. You are guaranteed to come away from this reading with a renewed love for marriage and for your partner.




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