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Growing up, everyone had that one family member that made your childhood memorable and unique. Whether it was our grandma, who made our favorite desserts, or grandpa telling the best bedtime stories, each person played a vital role in our lives. As we become adults and become lost in the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to forget those memories we use to cling on to, but thanks to Dr. Maurice Smith, we can savor those memories once more with his new book “Uncle Charles And Me.” Through this fun and heartfelt story, Dr. Maurice Smith reminds us all how one person can influence and impact your life. We had the pleasure of talking with Dr. Smith to learn more about himself and the inspiration behind “Uncle Charles and Me.” We hope you enjoy it.

What is the title of your book?

Uncle Charles and Me by Dr. Maurice Smith

As we honor dads and father figures for Father’s Day, what is the most memorable moment for you as either a father figure or being under a father figure or dad?

As a Dad, it is providing the day to day guidance and loving them unconditionally, ultimately giving them the life lessons needed as the venture into this unpredictable world.

Tell us about your book, the storyline, and your inspiration to write it?

Uncle Charles and Me is about the connection and bond between an uncle and his nephew. The nephew is my son, Myles, and in the book, it captures his visits with his uncle in the western Virginia town of Norton near Big Stone Gap. Myles is a fourth or fifth-grader at the time, and it illustrates all his summer adventures with Uncle Charles. There are adventures of fishing in the river, finding scorpions, riding bicycles, and cooking.

As for the inspiration of the book, it is based on my son, Myles, and in this book, Myles is the age of fourth – or – fifth grader. In the book, the book chronicles my son Myles trips to visit his Uncle Charles in the western Virginia town of Norton near Big Stone Gap. Christian, Noah, and Myles, who are my sons, are excited about the book. They talked about how proud they were of me for writing the book. Myles, my oldest, who the book is patterned behind, is overly enjoyed. 


What is one word that we can take away from your book?

FAMILY (Family is important, and it helps shape you!)

If you could give us advice today for Father’s Day, word of wisdom, or encouragement, what would it be?

For me, it is that you can always reach your goal if you work hard and have a goal.

Where can we find your book? How can we follow you?

website –

facebook – Uncle Charles and Me

instagram – @unclecharlesandme

A good father is a father who knows what to say at the right time. No matter how old we get, we all need to hear those words of confirmation from our father. With Edmund Moore’s latest book “With a Father’s Love: 52 Weekly Letters to my Beloved Daughters,” he takes it a step further by sharing his directive letters to his daughters. Each written letter contains wisdom and guidance on how to love unconditional while being honest and vulnerable. Whether you’re a new dad, seasoned dad, or dad in the making, we can all take a page from Edmund Moore as he expresses his love for his daughters. In our Author’s Spotlight, we learn more about the book and the inspiration behind it. We hope you enjoy and Happy Father’s Day to all the Father’s across the globe.

What inspired your book “With a Father’s Love: 52 Weekly Letters to my Beloved Daughters.” And how did it come about?

My inspiration for writing the book was that I was in the midst of a difficult divorce and worried about my young daughters not knowing who I was. Also, I was worried about losing custody of my daughters. My daughters were 13 and 9 years of age when I started writing these letters of love. That was the origin of this book.

From your personal experience, how important is a father’s love for his children? And what are some blessings that come out of that relationship?

From my personal experience, a father’s love for his children is very important from a physical, spiritual, and brain (mental) health perspective. The physical presence of a father in the home is important in that children can model their father’s behaviors and have open communication with their father. Likewise, they are able to observe loving relationships with their father’s spouse and personally experience their father’s love. One thing that I have told my daughters was to model the good behaviors and eliminate those bad behaviors that they observe. Just knowing that my father was in the house was comforting in my youth. My father also modeled his spiritual roots while ensuring the development of my spiritual roots. I grew up in a United Methodist Church and later moved to the Baptist Church. Brain health or well-being resulted from an open and loving relationship with my late father.

Is there a specific letter written to your daughter in the book that sticks out the most? If so, can you share it?

My opening letter, “I Will Always Be There for You!” was meant to set the tone of the book. That letter was intended to communicate that I would love my daughters, whether they did good things or bad things. Unconditional love is what that letter communicated. I wanted to communicate that I would always be there for them. The letter also introduced the format for the balance of the book: an introduction, a letter, a reflection, and a dad factoid. However, my letter titled “A Hug a Day” is a relevant one that deals with the importance of the human touch. That is especially relevant during the current environment that we find ourselves, a COVID-19 pandemic, where human touch has mostly been eliminated due to a potentially deadly virus.