The holidays are right around the corner and you know what that means? It’s time to bring out the eggnog, play some holiday tunes and spread some holiday cheer! One character that knows exactly how to do that is Festeva from the book “Festeva’s Holiday Cheer” written by Molly McCluskey- Shipman. We had the opportunity to talk with Molly to find out what inspired her new book, what her publishing process was like and some words of wisdom for new authors. We hope you enjoy.

Molly, you recently published your book “Festeva’s Holiday Cheer.” Tell us about the story and how it came about?

Seeing the uncertainty and pain in the world right now, I wanted to write something that was uplifting and positive.  What better way than to feature a dog who goes out into the world to spread holiday cheer! To have a little fun and honor my family, I included my niece’s names within the book as well as my daughter’s name.

From your experience what has been the best part of working on this book?

Taking a piece of work from a final draft to finished copy is an incredible process. I love the potential writing provides, developing something from within that becomes so much greater when the creative collaborative process begins. Lift Bridge has provided a wealth of information and support!
Now, that your book is complete what are your plans for the book?

I’m very excited that Festeva’s Holiday Cheer is available for the 2018 holiday season! Fortunately, Festeva will be featured at a local children’s event in North KC at the end of this month. I’m hopeful that kids will be entertained by Festeva through her quest to do some good in the world! In addition, Festeva is featured on the SCBWI webpage as part of their Bookstop program. Take a look and sign the guest book!

If you can give any words of wisdom to aspiring authors what would it be?

Be willing to get feedback as it may just make your book even better than you imagined. Enjoy the process and don’t ever give up!  



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