Sunni and the City


“Do people in the world know that we’re here and don’t want to help us?” Refugee turned Radio Personality would ask her mom as a little girl with her family, confined to a Gasinci Refugee camp. In a blink of an eye life as Sunni knew it changed as a small girl; snatched away from her was a life that she had always known and loved — forcing them into refugee camps, immigration, and poverty. It didn’t end that way though.  With a dream envisioned, passion in heart, and hard work she moved from pain to glory.


 Sunni and the City is now a Radio Personality, Philanthropist, Influencer and now Author. Want to know how a little girl who was counted out and couldn’t speak English became a radio personality and more pursuing the American dream?


Join us as we sit down with Author Sunni and the City to discuss her past, newly published book “Still I Shine,” what inspires her, and more!

Sunni, I’m sure this book has been years in the making. When did you ultimately decide to write your book and why?


I was always so surprised just how much people were interested in my story. Whenever I’d tell them bits and pieces, they wanted more. So my friends really encouraged me to finally write it down and make it official.


Writing a book is so personal, especially when it’s about your life. Can you share the biggest challenge of allowing yourself to be vulnerable when starting this project?


My biggest challenge was making sure that I don’t hurt anyone’s feelings but also stay true to my story and what I’ve witnessed. I didn’t want to have family problems for something that happened 20+ year ago, but I also wanted to tell my story in full.


When you think about your memories from when you were young, what do you think the younger you would have told the present you?


I would hope that she would tell me that she’s proud of me and that I made her proud. She was also so courageous and ambitious, I look for her whenever I’m down. She’s like my guiding angel.


From immigrating from a refugee camp with your family, having to learn a new language to now being a prominent face and voice of DC. What words of wisdom can you give to our readers to aspire to overcome life challenges as you have?


You have to have hope for a better day. No matter what situation you’re in, you have to have faith and hope that things will get better. And they do. If you would’ve told me when I was younger in Bosnia that I’d be on the other side of the world (America) doing what I’m doing, I’d tell you that you’re crazy. But that’s the beauty of life. It’s unpredictable.


At Lift Bridge we believe publishing is a part of the legacy building. What is the legacy that you want to leave with the world that will be passed down for generations to come?


I really do pray that my legacy is the one of kindness, love, and helping hand. Life is hard and we get caught up on just trying to stay afloat but when we step back and look at the bigger picture, a lot of us are more blessed than we realize. So it should be natural to want to look out and land a helping hand to all those around you. If you live with that kind of outlook on life, the world would be a better place for all. 



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