Since its inception, Lift Bridge Publishing has advocated for author success through publishing, marketing, strategic partnerships, networking events, entrepreneurial training, and coaching.

Authors may experience several hurdles in their journey to be published. Ashley Graham, author, and president of Lift Bridge Publishing experienced this struggle firsthand. Graham launched Lift Bridge so the lifetime achievement of getting published could be an enjoyable chapter in authors’ stories everywhere.

Facing the many limitations of being a startup, Graham bootstrapped Lift Bridge alongside her husband and partner, reviewing manuscripts, handling marketing services, multi-tasking to make dozens of authors’ dreams come true.

Graham handled each phone call, email and customer encounter with a positive, can-do approach, establishing the core values associated with the Lift Bridge name:

integrity, trust, customer service.

Through years of experience, Graham learned that the most successful authors were the ones who took an entrepreneurial approach to become an author. From that point, Graham launched a collection of resources to help authors view themselves as entrepreneurs. This included networking events, blog posts, podcasts, and more.

With Lift Bridge, as books are developed, authors are developed too.

Lift Bridge Publishing launched a publishing program for students named Generation Write Now. Generation Write Now is an online and organizational program developed to encourage students 5-18 years old to write and see their books in print for the very first time.

Ashley and Tony work together to successfully bridge the gap for writers, authors, and creatives.

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