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Lift Bridge Publishing partners with a major distributor that vastly extends its capabilities, providing the opportunity for a new market of authors to access the feel-good, trusted, author-first Lift Bridge experience.

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Since its inception, Lift Bridge Publishing has advocated for author success through publishing, marketing, strategic partnerships, networking events, entrepreneurial training, and coaching.

Authors may experience several hurdles in their journey to be published. Ashley Graham, author, and president of Lift Bridge Publishing experienced this struggle firsthand. Graham launched Lift Bridge so the lifetime achievement of getting published could be an enjoyable chapter in authors’ stories everywhere.

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Ashley Graham is an author, poet and business coach known for connecting people in laughter, inspiration and purpose.
Ashley Logan Graham
Founder & CEO
Tony started his writing career as a fashion journalist in 2010 by writing for several men’s fashion blogs and fashion contributor for the Stndrd magazine
Tony Logan
VP & Marketing Director

"I reached out to Lift Bridge Publishing in the fall of 2017 with only a small number of pages written and a HUGE idea. The staff at Lift Bridge consulted over the phone with me as I asked many probing questions; they provided me with practical answers and discussed all the options that I had in order to take my book from manuscript to manifested!!! If you are a new writer and are seeking guidance on your path to being published- contact Lift Bridge Publishing today!!!"

Will Porter
Author of "All I See is Color Not Enough Light"

Author Vildana "Sunni" Puric


“Do people in the world know that we’re here and don’t want to help us?” Refugee turned Radio Personality would ask her mom as a little girl with her family, confined to a Gasinci Refugee camp. In a blink of an eye life as Sunni knew it changed as a small girl; snatched away from her was a life that she had always known and loved — forcing them into refugee camps, immigration, and poverty. It didn’t end that way though.  With a dream envisioned, passion in heart, and hard work she moved from pain to glory.


 Sunni and the City is now a Radio Personality, Philanthropist, Influencer and now Author. Want to know how a little girl who was counted out and couldn’t speak English became a radio personality and more pursuing the American dream? 


Join us as we sit down with Author Sunni and the City to discuss her past, newly published book “Still I Shine,” what inspires her, and more!

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