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Audacity is more than a book. It is a life-changing guide that will cure paralysis and give you the courage to be who God called you to be. In this journey, Portia Taylor challenges every excuse that you can provide not to fulfill destiny. As a follow-up to her book “I’m Not That Woman,” Portia echoes that identity comes before activity, but now that you know who you are, be unapologetically free to live-out-loud, authentically.

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We Publish Kids!

Check out our program Generation Write Now!

Generation Write Now is a publishing program for students 5-18 years old. Our program comes with a publishing kit.

Each kit comes with:

1.    A Key to the Instructional Online Curriculum Course

2.    Writing Prompt Cards (Broken out by grade levels and color-coded)

3.    Lesson Plans

4.    Illustration Templates

5.    Writing Prompt Sheets

6.    Quizzes (They are fun, we promise)

7.    Writing Lab Activities

8.    Interaction Cards w/ Blind Folds

9.    Certificate of Completion 

10. Complimentary Published Book when student’s work is submitted


Our publishing kits become a literacy fundraiser that will not only put money inside of your program, but it will also give students a platform for their voices to be heard and published into a book.

Ashley Graham is an author, poet and business coach known for connecting people in laughter, inspiration and purpose.
Ashley Logan Graham
Founder & CEO
Tony started his writing career as a fashion journalist in 2010 by writing for several men’s fashion blogs and fashion contributor for the Stndrd magazine
Tony Logan
VP & Marketing Director

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